We Love Fridays presents Fly High with Fendi

Fendi Snakeskin Travel Zip Pouch  – $499  



“We Love Fridays” is presented to you each Friday to showcase all the best fashion and accessories on the internet with a modest price tag! Today if you are looking for that weekend getaway, Fly High with Fendi!

Fendi’s snakeskin comestic travel zip pouch is at the center of my attention aujourd’hui. This beautifully crafted Italian clutch is definitely a must-have for any excursion at a third of the original price. If you love to travel in style than this is the item for you!


Gilty Pleasures: YSL

Tribute Knot Sandal by Yves Saint Laurent

So, the verdict is in and yes, I’m Gilty as charged for Gilt.com. Ever since I became a member years ago, I have become increasingly addicted to their super deep discounts on luxury brands. After two years and countless shipments, I told my husband that I was going to remove my name from their roll call and only go to their site when I am desperately seeking Marc, Margiela, Dolce or Gabanna (wink wink). However, I must admit my comment was a little premature and topped off with wishful thinking. As soon as I received their sales of the day list and saw YSL at the top of it, I immediately broke my pact to myself. All I could think of was my gilt-y pleasure to splurge on some shoes and possibly a bag from Yves Saint Laurent so whatever the sentence – I can do the time wearing YSL.

We Love Fridays presents I heart Christian Louboutin


Christian Louboutin Un Bout Slingback Pumps – $499

“We Love Fridays” is presented to you each Friday to showcase all the best fashion and accessories on the internet with a modest price tag! Today if you are looking to walk out in style, do it in red bottoms with Christian Louboutin!

Personally I’m not a huge fan of slingbacks, but when I am came across these transparent pumps by Christian Louboutin months ago I immediately feel in love with them. Every celebrity to their grandmother’s were rocking a pair and while that normally would be a turn off for me as I do not like to base my style on others, I still had to have them. Anxiously, I searched the net and the stores to find a pair but came up short. Recently to my despair and thanks to my email roll calls from Ideeli, I can step out in a pair of the long anticipated Louboutin heels on my beer budget! Get yours while supplies last! http://www.ideeli.com/events/118770/offers/6360934/latest_view/2727710

We Love Fridays presents Jump Around With Phillip Lim


3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Jumpsuit with Leather Sleeves

“We Love Fridays” is presented to you each Friday to showcase all the best fashion and accessories on the internet with a modest price tag! Feeling a little blue today, Phillip Lim’s silk jumpsuit gives you a reason to want to jump around!

3.1 Phillip Lim’s silk jumpsuit with leather sleeves has a classy yet edgy approach and falls right into the top trends of 2012 for half the price. If I could only have one thing on my Xmas list this year, this would be it! What can I say, I am a sucker for jumpsuits and this is one bad mofo (mothashutyomouth)!

Browns Fashion 3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Jumpsuit with Leather Sleeves

The $35 Birkin Bag

Fest Together Bag

Can’t afford a Birkin Bag? Well, now is your chance to have one for only $35!

Lovelyish.com reports that now anyone of us non-trust fund babies can own one of the world’s most coveted bags for just $35. Although I hope that one day this could be true, it’s not today and most likely not in the near future. However, this particular bag aka the Together Bag was created by Thursday Friday, a company that does imitations of high end luxury bags. This rendition of the birkin bag is a clever and recyclable view on fashion.

Constructed on the actual Birkin bag’s design, the Together Bag is 100 percent cotton with 3 inner patch pockets, swivel straps, and a spaceous interior making it the perfect companion to travel and go shopping with. You can choose the look of your tote which will then be screen printed onto the canvas. These chic bags come fully lined and can be personalized to fit your everyday style. Hurry while supplies last, these baby birkins already have a 3-month waiting list.


Would you buy the Together Bag: YES or NO?

The Dream Team: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

Despite the cold weather and strikes in Paris today, Maison Martin Margiela brought out a line long of fashionista’s anticipating the long awaited capsule collection for H&M.  If you are not one of the trendsetters waiting outside to get your hands on the first pieces of the collection, here is a preview of the items that are on the inside…oversized wool coats, long ankle length and one-shouldered sheeth dresses, and avant garde accessories that are to die for.  Just in case anyone may be wondering, I’m a size 37 in those plexiglass wedge boots!

What do you think of the Maison Martin Margiela Collection for H&M:  Loving it or Hating it?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Roitfeld?


Carine Roitfeld, former Editor-in-Chief at Vogue Paris and Queen of Seduction, has been in the fashion game for a long time. Starting out as an assistant and muse to Tom Ford. Fashion critics worldwide have held her in high regards when it comes to setting new trends and eye provoking layouts. It was only a matter of time before I adopted her French customs and crowned her Miss Queen B of my alter-fashionista ego. Carine is the epitomy of alluring styles and the person who most resembles my catwomanish manner; whether it is a leather t-shirt, peplum skirt, bed head, or sky high heels, than I definitely have what it takes to be a Roitfeld. I was born for this!

Do you have what it takes to be a Roitfeld:  Yes or No?